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Huey Lewis speaks!


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Huey Lewis talks about Love, God, music, and what its like to exist on film.

"Oh, I think that MTV gave me a life I never had before,
to exist only of film footage is a surreal existence"

"I've always been a big lover of women. I think that MTV gave me a chance to portray myself as a lover.I can't think of a thing that could be more romantic than being on stage.
Theater is a way to experience something that you might not be able to do in real life. I'm not as shy as I was when we first appeared on MTV. I'm so glad that we shot all that footage. Every thing we did on film meant something in reality. It's a very creative way of telling a story."
I need a new drug, was a mixture of film techniques and the downside of rock n roll. Seeing that we did'nt exist outside of MTV I was a little afraid of being compared to the Monkee's or something like that, although take the last train to Clarksville is still one of my favorite songs.
When I look back on it I can still remember what I was thinking, what I was trying to say."
I believe god is alive today, forever and tommorow. I feel that alot of the folklore attached to RocknRoll is drug orientated.In retrospect I thank god that I was blessed with a clean and sober attitude towards myself and others around me. When we shot I need a new drug, I think I was confronting that reality. The bible helped me in larger than life ways.It clarified things for me and helped me to avoid romantic notions concerning drug abuse.
It's all fun and games until you see the downside of drug abuse, somebody that has been using for 40 or 50 years and is suffering from every mental phobia known to mankind. You meet somebody so confused that they can't seperate day from night;fantasy from reality. Drugs are bad news all the way around and there are never any winners in a situation like that. Acid, Crack, Herion,are always hidden by the user. It's almost like they think that they can walk on air by saying things like they occasionally use maryjane or suffer from alcholism. You look at them and think to yourself you only suffer from those two things occasionally? So thats why you drove the train off the tracks?
I think that treatment centers need to be aware of users of Acid, Herion, Crack and other hard drugs because the symptoms are not as visable. They are out there, corporate, white collar, picket fence, lease to own their vehicles, living in security parks across America, they need as much help as anybody else suffering from the ravages of the evil serpent drug abuse."
-Huey Lewis-